Encompassing EAX 15.2 Dimensional Audio and a Wide Array of Advanced Audio/Video and Wireless Technologies

  • A 17-driver system housed in a 11.2.4 speaker configuration delivering a total of 800 Watts RMS power
  • 11 front facing drivers reproducing front and surround sound, a wireless dual-driver subwoofer delivering hard, thumping bass, and 4 up-firing drivers reproducing a realistic sense of height
  • Incorporates Dolby® Atmos™ surround processing to bring you powerful 3D audio that flows around and above you, as well as Creative EAX 15.2 Dimensional Audio to extract, enhance and upscale natural, enveloping sound from legacy material.
  • Powered by seven processors with 14 cores, the X-Fi Sonic Carrier supports both local and streaming video content at up 4K 60fps, as well as 15.2 channels of high resolution audio playback.
  • Advanced X-Fi Pro Studio to give users a 24-bit audio playback that is further enhanced by Creative’s proprietary Xtreme Fidelity (X-Fi) algorithms.
  • Comes with three distinct wireless technologies that allow multi-room Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a zero-latency speaker-to-speaker link to up to four subwoofer units.
  • Intelligence and features of the system can be further upgraded in the future.